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23 12 2007

Sun, 23 Dec 2007

Moon-Mars occultation

Full moon is bright in the skies today and tomorrow. Moreover, it will share the skies with Mars, reaching its opposition point.

So, for everybody around, just go outside a few hours after sunset and enjoy. Tomorrow (Dec. 24th), some will even enjoy an occultation with the Moon passing in front of Mars. See this page for occultation details and locations. In short: state of Washington, USA, British Columbia (CA) and other parts of Western Canada, Greenland, Scotland, Germany, Czech Republik, Hungary, Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel. Then some parts of Armenia, Iran, Uzbekistan, Russia (Siberia) and Aleoutians.

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News from D-I i18n

Some more important things happened this week for Debian Installer i18n:

All this work is meant to give some more push to D-I localization effort that paced for some time last months while I focused my attention on some other areas. It seems to show that things never work without someone to care about them, apparently..:-)...so, existing translators, watch out, I'm back on D-I i18n and will kick your asses if you don't keep your translations up to date..:-)

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