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01 06 2008

Sun, 01 Jun 2008

Macedonia votes

Yes, *Macedonia*, not "The Former Yougoslavian Republic of Macedonia" as some greek nationalists (and indeed most of Greece) are claiming loudly because "the name of Macedonia" is their property, belonging to their patrimony.

Silly, indeed. This is what prevented Macedonia to enter NATO (because of Greek veto). I don't really care about NATO, so, well....

But it could be what prevents Macedonia to enter the European Union which is somethign I care much more about, despite its defects. And still because Greece could do its best to block name for a stupid name fight. All this while most of Macedonians want their country to enter the EU.

Such sillyness and nationalist crap makes me angry. A lot. I respect cultures. Deeply. I however dislike cultures that don't respect other cultures.

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Please test samba 3.2.0-rc1

Those people who overread the previous blog entry but are interested in samba, please test the 3.2.0~rc1 packages we have in experimental.

We still haven't decided whether we'll push to have it in lenny or not (Samba 3.2.0 should be released very very soon and the Samba Team pushes for us to have it in Debian lenny....which might need solving out issues induced by the move to GPLv3)....but it deserves as much testing as possible.

I think that it's safe to use it on "semi-production" machines (those machines you might already have using testing because you want bleeding edge software). So, please, given the very various ways to use samba, please help us and our upstream to test it.

The packages are in experimental, by the way.

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News from samba packages development

There has been some hype around samba this week.

On May 21st, the Samba Team released Samba 3.0.29, an update from their stable branch. The Debian package maintainers quickly built and uploaded a package for unstable/lenny the very same day.

Then, on 27th, we got notified of CVE 2008-1005, which affects both etch, lenny and unstable (not the 3.2 versions we have in experimental).

I contacted the security team and, after some brief discussions, I uploaded with their blessing, a fixed package to stable-security (3.0.24-6etch10). Then, I immediately uploaded samba 3.0.30 to unstable (1:3.0.30-1), that version being the Samba Team response to the security issue. All this lead to DSA 1590.

Up to now, everything perfect.

In the meantime, Karolin, the Samba Team's release manager announced the Releace Candidate 1 of Samba 3.2.0. So, yesterday (Saturday), I started building it....which succeeded.

Then I started to screw up..:)

Instead of uploading that version to experimental, as planned, I uploaded 1:3.2.0~rc1-1 to unstable. Yes, AGAIN (I already did that in April). There's no excuse for that, except distraction and failure to use our tools properly ("dch -r").

Thankfully, I noticed that nearly immediately, but not immediately enough. So, I had to re-upload 3.0.30 to unstable (which is urgent: that's a security fix) and increase the epoch (we already had one as this is the second identical screwage): 2:3.0.30-2. Sorry, autobuilders...

Yesterday evening, I uploaded 3.2.0-rc1 again to experimental (2:3.2.0~rc1-2).

Then, finally, I went on the last bit of remaining work: spend some time on Jelmer Vernooij's samba4 packages. Jelmer is one of the two lead developers of Samba 4, a huge masterpiece still under heavy delveopment. To give it more exposure, it is planned to upload it a few times in experimental, then move it to unstable, block it so that it does not enter testing, and make some noise about this.

I finally uploaded samba4 this morning (triple checking that I was uploading to experimental!) and samba4 4.0.0~alpha4~20080522-1 is now waiting for NEW processing (which might take time: this is a big piece of new stuff).

I'm sad for the screwage because, apart from it, that was nearly a perfect process. But, anyway, I'm still proud of the result: 4 successful uploads for samba in a little more than a week (which included 4 day away). It could even have been 5 as the samba version in sarge is affected by the security issue, but we don't support sarge anymore.

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