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09 06 2008

Mon, 09 Jun 2008

[life] Running pace

Dirk often blogs about running and generally posts his running paces as minutes/mile. Well, we're both geeks, so numerical challenges are logical for us..:)

I follow my own 'performance' (or lack of) in terms of speed in kilometers per hour. Which makes the conversion fairly hard.

Just to confirm that we live on different planets, this week, I tried to get a rough idea and then calculated my usual pace (for distances ranging from 15km to 25km, as well as short distances such as 5km):

The challenge I give myself currently is not really running faster (I apparently reached a level which I can't easily break), but more running longer. My current estimate is that 30-35km could be achievable (I only need to find enough time for this) while a marathon is still out of question. Frankly, I couldn't even imagine this when I (re)started running, less than 1 year ago.

Anyway, for people going to Debconf, I plan to gather the Debian runners and share the pleasure of running together during the conference. I'll probably open an "event" for this in Pentabarf. Of course, the point there will be sharing the pleasure, not performance. So, even if you are a very occasionnal runner, you're welcome.

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