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09 07 2008

Wed, 09 Jul 2008

Bug #490000

Max Stotsky reported bug #490000 on Wednesday July 9th. Yet another i18n-related bug for a round number mark: "apt-cache search and ddtp".

As bug #480000 was reported as of May 7th 2008, we're still keeping nearly exactly the pace of 2 months for 10,000 bugs, so 60,000bugs a year. Bug #500000 should then be reported around Sept 9th 2008. As a consequence, the candidates for winning the 500000th bug contest are still Miguel Gea or Kartik Mistry. The probability that they win iw now indeed very high as our bug reporting pace is obviously very constant.

I will therefore not win the contest (which many people already lost as they predicted dates that are now in the past)

See you around September 9th for celebrating Debian having half a million bugs in 15 years.

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