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15 07 2008

Tue, 15 Jul 2008

There is a cabal...

...I have proofs.

So, libwiki-toolkit-perl is now the leader of the contest for "those annoying packages which introduce new debconf templates without calling for translations"...and therefore prevent the poor german and french teams to at least have one day in the 100% heaven.

fr was just missing fourteen strings, de was missing 39. And now, there are 6 more of these....and to make things slightly more complicated and give the maintainer a chance to mess up, he introduced a typo in his debconf templates. yay.

It is indeed now about two full months since we're so close and each time we succeed in lowering down the numbers (for instance by nagging Marco enough and have him upload udev), someone pops up with yet another debconf template that was so urgent that (s)he could not even wait for a call for translations. Bummer.

Now I know. There *is* a secret conspiracy of people who watch our stats daily and introduce or change something just to make us mad. Guys, it work *perfectly*.

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