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31 08 2008

Sun, 31 Aug 2008

Will Kartik win?

The 500000th bug day is coming. Some of you may remember the contest I launched last year for people to bet on the day bug #500000 would be reported.

The bug rate in Debian is about 1000 bugs in 6 days from my survey. So, as we're now at about #497300, bug #500000 should happen in 14 days.

It seems that Kartik Mistry is about to win the contest. Indeed, he will if the bug is reported between Sept. 11th and Sept. 17th which probability is very high.

Folks, prepare to send cheers to India! Unless the bug rate increases a lot and Miguel "xerakko" Gea wins. Miguel, I watch you: no MBF for you!

I definitely lost when Aug. 22nd came. I was betting on a small rate increase which indeed did not happen.

You can start now computing the #600000 bug day. There *will* be a contest for it...unless I launch one for bug #1000000...:-)

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