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24 09 2008

Wed, 24 Sep 2008

OpenStreetMap *is* addictive...

...this is said on their wiki and I can confirm.

What about you? Have you mapped your town/village/area/suburb/iceberg already?

Several mapped mapped Mar del Plata in August but there is still a lot to be done.

Even very close to my place, indeed...

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Bug #500000 has been reported

Here it is.

Debian had half a million bugs reported.

Nobuhiro Iwamatsu is the winner in the "race of bug #500000" by reporting "Please add dh_installdefoma in debhelper.mk" against the "cdbs" package.

Rene Mayorga is the winner of the "bug #500000 contest" bet. He planned it to be reported on September 23rd and just missed the real date by one day. Congratulations, Rene.

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Joerg m'a tuer

(semi-joke only fully understandable by French folks. Julien Blache used the same joke in the past)

My dear Genneff, "Valid-Until" is certainly a good idea and I have no doubt it's well implemented in our archive tools.

I'm less sure about this being implemented in apt, because of the loose resources of the APT maintenance "team" as of now.

And I'm damn sure that implementing that feature will add yet more work coordinating l10n. APT is currently fully translated to 18 languages and, of course, the warning message issued by APT when a user is directed to a faked security repository *has* to be translated for the user to really understand what's happening. It even has to be translated very carefully.

Contrary to popular belief, not all systems admins understand English easily. And we really want the important message that will be issued by APT in such case, to be understood and understood well.

So, good luck to /me dealing with a last minute l10n update that will quite certainly happen, now.

I can't even use this in an attempt to get bug #500000, as #499897 is already reported against apt. Crap. I'm out of ideas for getting that bug report...

As a revenge, I propose that next time we all see Ganneff in a group, we all hug him to death for implementing that very good feature in our archive tools.

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