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06 11 2008

Thu, 06 Nov 2008

Testing Debian *Installer* RC1

Disclaimer: this post talks about Debian *Installer*....not overall Debian.

The D-I team and the CD team have created images of Debian Installer Release Candidate 1 for Lenny. They are available at http://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/.lenny_rc1/.

Please test them out and report problems through installation reports as described from the Debian Installer web page. This is really important as this is very probably how the real released Lenny installation media will look like.

Debian Installer is short of testing. So, yes, we need *you*.

And, again, if you spread the word, don't talk about "Debian Lenny RC1". This is no such beast (even though this will look like a Release Candidate of Debian as the rest of the distribution is of course begin prepared for the release).

The 'official' name is "Debian Installer for Lenny, Release Candidate 1".

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