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30 11 2008

Sun, 30 Nov 2008

Bug kalachnikow party

Interestingly, the just finished Extremadura QA + ftpmaster + i18n meeting also turned into a quite strong Bug "Smashing" party.

Several participants were digging around the list of RC bugs affecting both lenny and unstable. Most often, it turned out to many bug downgrades (for many of which I'll take the blame).

It's "funny" to see how sometimes our bug reporters tend to inflate their reports, most often because they feel that "bug should absolutely be fixed", but completely forgetting about the definition of 'serious' or 'grave'.

I also feel that, in some way, several maintainers begin to be quite demotivated by the length of the process (which I personnally consider as being caused by several factors: decreasing (wo)manpower, haircutting about freeness of every single byte on Debian CD's or even shyness wrt correct actions needed to deal with bugs). And several of these bugs just needed a very simple action by the maintainer.

And, therefore, just because we were about 15 people with a lot of time to devote to Debian for 3 days, we ended up digging in that pile of mud....removing most of the dust and sometimes very debatable RC bug reports, and finally having that count of bugs affecting both lenny and unstable go down again.

This comforts me in the feeling that an aggressive approach is a good key to bug squashing. After all, if I'm sometimes too aggressive and inappropriately downgrade an RC bug, I'm sure that someone will correct me (and, anyway, I'm not that mad: sometimes I seek for advices). Ah, and "aggressive" also sometimes mean proposing to tag some bugs "lenny-ignore" (and, that needs to be very convincing with our release managers, believe me).

So, what about you? Have you already smashed an RC bug today? If not, do it. Kill those nasty beasts, they deserve it. No mercy.

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