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14 12 2008

Sun, 14 Dec 2008

Clarification about my own vote

Dato points me that the way I mentioned my vote is confusing and he's right.

By writing that I voted 5462371, I wanted to say that I ranked option 5 as first, option 4 as second, etc.

However, one could understand that I ranked option 1 as 5th, option 2 as 4th, etc.

...which is indeed the most common way we talk about our votes....

So, let's make it clearer. I voted: 7452136.

So the first option (freeness bigotry) is ranked below Further discussion.

I'll re-consider it in terms of strategy but I consider it honest: this is how I rank the various options altogether. I did not try to mke this vote "strategical" but I agree that this needs to be deeply thought. The issue is really important and can even be seen as a trap, yes.

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GR about firmware and strategy about releasing

I am somewhat under the feeling that the Debian project is currently facing a critical moment of its history.

The development momentum has slowed down a lot during last months (approximately since Debconf and even more since October.

I feel just like we're facing a moment where either we release Lenny (which is technically a great progress over Etch and, being a little bit more than 18 months after Etch, well suited wrt "modernity")....or we delay it for several months and will suffer more and more from the long freeze process (remember sarge). The momentum is then very likely to continue moving elsewhere (should I say Ubuntu or did everybody understand already?).

And now we have to vote about firmware blobs, a proposal that popped up because a few (*very* few) vocal folks who (in my opinion) live on a planet that has no connection with the real world, think that we should triple check the freeness of each and every bit that is likely to be run on a Debian machine.

Moreover, the proposal is worded and was pushed in a way that all (but one) options that would allow us to release lenny will need a 3:1 majority, which is obviously very hard to achieve (and as, there are several such proposals, the vote will be spread out among all of them).

So, those folks who make the release of lenny their priority are now facing an interesting tactical choice: how the ..... should we vote for this to happen?

I personnally did choose to vote this way: 5462371. Yes, I ranked "reaffirm the Social Contract" after everything, which makes me sad....and I blame the play on words by the zealots who pushed that proposal for forcing me to do this. I think this is the best "tactical" choice for those (and I hope we are a strong majority) who still make the *release* of the best possible and most possibly free operating system their priority.

Believe me or not: if we don't release lenny soon, we will die slowly and rot peacefully. We will rot being 150% free and proud to be 150% free on our little planet, outside the solar system and the real world. *This* is the choice we are facing.

Ah, and before I forget: film at 11, of course.

PS: no comment system on my blog (I don't want to deal with spam and put complicated systems there). Please comment in public in your own blog. I very much prefer this over private comments which will be mostly ignored.

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