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21 05 2009

Thu, 21 May 2009

Stupid CRM114

Thanks, CRM114. From yesterday morning (where I ran my daily dist-upgrade) to now, you just *trashed* all my legitimate mail.

Oh, sure, I got warned in some way by NEWS.Debian entries, but I didn'tfigure out that it was URGENT that I change my *.css files.

What was happening is, in short, that all non whitelisted mail was just...reduced to a blank line. And I didn't figure out immediately because I have several whitelist entries, so I was still receiving *some* mails.

So, it is not only "stop working"....it is doing much harm. If you're a CRM114 user and haven't upgraded to 20090423-1, you've been warned.

I'm currently considering what to do and if a bug report is warranted (RC, of course). Oh, for sure, there *is* a warning through NEWS.Debian but is breaking existing behaviour so badly really something that we want in Debian? Losing legitimate mail is the worse thing a program can do, isn't it?

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