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24 05 2009

Sun, 24 May 2009

News from the samba packaging team

Some (not so) short news from the samba packaging team...

Recent package uploads:

Other things are coming, such as the work on having samba3 and samba4 packages coexist. Jelmer Vernooij prepared everything after our discussions at the SambaXP conference and it should be uploaded "soon". A few patches we have should be integrated upstream as well, therefore making the Debian diff smaller and smaller.

Also, Luk Claes joined the maintenance team and helped setting up the unofficial repository for backports.

The bug count is going up again these days as I don't spend much time triaging the bugs and some are very tricky to reproduce. As usual, help would be welcomed. I'm fairly sure that several of these are user errors but I often lack time to prove this enough for closing the bug. We should go to to 50-60 bugs or so.

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Bug #530000

Robert McQueen reported bug #530000 on Friday May 22th, against the dbus package.

Bug #520000 was reported as of March 16th 2009. We are now close again to our "10,000 bugs in 2 months" pace.

So, bug #540000 should be reported during Debconf 9, as it seems...

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[life] [running] Some news

From my friends around who read my "running" posts, here are some news.

Since my first marathon, I had a full week rest, then gradually began running again, first starting with 10 to 15 kilometers runs and then slowly reclimbing up distances to reach 23km 3 weeks after the marathon and 26km on May 3rd.

Both these were done at a 5:35 to 5:40 mins/km pace, which seems to be the pace I can keep for a long time at this moment.

On later weeks, I diminished efforts slightly, cutting off on distances, to concentrate on speed, so running distances between 7 and 12km, with a faster pace (between 5:15 and 5:30). That culminate in a very sharp 6km at 5:06 on a week day, after work (and that loop includes a very steep slope).

The target for this "preparation" was indeed May 19th. I was on holidays all week long and that seemed to be a great occasion to try out something I wanted to do for quite a long time: run a marathon....alone.

I completed it, moreover with a very great loop in Rambouillet forest, running the 42.2 kilometers in 4h22. Not that a great time (6:12/km), compared to the 4h10 of the Paris Marathon, but fairly interesting as that was done by running lonely...and also by running in woods, partly on very muddy paths. What's even more interesting is that I ended up nearly without cramps and had only to walk on the steepest slope....at km41 (about 20% slope for 200 meters). Note that I made a stop around km25 in order to eat dry fruits as, contrary to official marathons, in lonely marathons, you need to have your own food and beverage with you. So, well, the full time is around 4h30.

Even more interesting: I was not tired at all the day after and, accordinng to my wife, much more "alive" than after Paris marathon..:). That probably explains why I could run again only 4 days after (a small but fast 6km) as well as today, 5 days after, for a 14km loop at 5:25/km despite the heat (my very best time on such a distance).

So, Debconf runners, bring on your shoes in Cáceres. I'll be there and ready..:-)

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