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19 07 2010

Mon, 19 Jul 2010

Taking care of my pet geneweb package

This week-end, I didn't work a lot on Debian stuff (mostly running and gardeing...) but still managed to finally take care of my pet package, the one I maintain since 2001, namely geneweb.

The package suffered from a very longstanding RC bug that made it unusable on amd64 machines. I had to call for help Ocaml gurus and RĂ©mi Vanicat kindly provided a working patch.

So, now, geneweb can be released and I won't have to ask for my pet package to be removed from testing.

I even switched it to dh7 and "minimal" debian/rules file (something I planned to do at DC10 but finally turned out to be easy to do.

That will be my last week-end of activity in Debian until DebConf10 as I'll be away for the upcoming week-end. So, for those of you who attend DC10, see you in NYC. I'll arrive on Wed 28th evening for part of Debcamp and I'll have the great pleasure to introduce my son Jean-Baptiste to the Debian world.

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Debian Installer final localization stats for upcoming squeeze beta1

After a quite long string freeze and last minute efforts by translators, I finally stopped the clock on Sunday July 11th for D-I localization update meant for the release of the beta1 version of debian-installer for squeeze.

We finally have 65 supported languages. In a final effort, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Tagalog, Kurdish, Croatian and Macedonian were "rescued" and completed enough for being included in the release.

Unfortunately, I had to deactivate Wolof, Serbian and Welsh because of lack of activity. For Serbian, this is very infortunate as new translators indeed tried to contact me with updates, which I missed and discovered only after it wasn't possible to revert the change. Good news are that Serbian is now already reactivated for the next release and we will even have both the Cyrillic and Latin versions of it.

The mass upload of D-I packages happened mostly on Sunday 12th (you probably noticed that if you follow debian-devel-changes).

It is already possible to test what will be D-I beta1: just go to the D-I development web page, then choose to download the daily built netboot image. Boot it with "install mirror/suite=unstable".

This is not *exactly* what beta1 will give as this will install unstable and not testing, for non D-I packages...but I think that, until D-I packages migrate to testing, this is the best way to test beta1.

The next step in D-I release preparation should be the mass migration to testing of most udeb packages.

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