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03 09 2010

Fri, 03 Sep 2010

Wheezy, it is

The most important moment in a Debian release cycle just happened

As an important step of the freeze is choosing the name of the next release (so that ftpmasters and many other parts of the project can prepare the infrastructure), the Debian release team did its duty.

Wheezy it is, then. First Debian release named after a character that is *not* in Toy Story 1.

Indeed, there was one toy character left that fills in two criteria followed up to now by those who named Debian releases:

...and that's "Rocky" (Wikipedia names him "Rocky Gibraltar"). That wrestler figure is called for help ("Rocky, the ramp!") to rescue Woody and Buzz at the back of the moving truck, at the end of the film. Guys, you know what to do in 2 years..:-)

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