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09 09 2010

Thu, 09 Sep 2010

Care about samba in squeeze?

If you do care about having good samba packages in squeeze, you can help.

If you're in a hurry and don't want to read the blah-blah, just skip to the end of this story and read the last paragraph.

Thanks to the confidence of the release team, we (samba packagers) have been "authorized" to upload samba 3.5.4 in unstable, thus targeting having that version in squeeze.

Up to July, we were indeed targeting 3.4.8 for squeeze, on the assumption that, as usual, samba upstream releases need some maturation before being strong guarantee that no regression happens.

In July we were ready to move and finally upload in unstable the 3.5 packages we kept in experimental until then. The final decision was to be taken during DebConf10. It was roughly taken with Steve Langasek, but....I couldn't upload immediately (most people know that working on major packages during DebConf is a dream)...and had holidays afteer.

In the meantime, the freeze happened so we got theoretically screwed...

Still, I could manage to convince the release team that long term support for samba 3.5 will certainly be better than 3.4...and that functionality in that version (particularly several Win7-related fixes and a much improved code for printing support) and we got a notice "please upload to unstable and come back to us in a few weeks".

That happened, finally.

So, now, we need YOU, samba users and admins, to test these packages. Merging our packaging branches was hard (thanks, Steve Langasek, for your help) and glitches are always possible. So, please TEST these packages by installing samba, winbind, libsmbclient and friends from unstable....and report bugs, preferrably the release critical ones....

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