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12 09 2010

Sun, 12 Sep 2010

[running] Bois d'Arcy half-marathon

It is not as prestigious as Chicago half-marathon, but it turns out that the day Dirk ran one of his slowest halves in years (but, eh, I'm happy for him as ha had a very disappointing running year), I ran my fastest and completed the 600-runners Bois d'Arcy half-marathon, finishing 181th ou the 573 finishers.

That one was planned to be one of the peaks in my preparation for the Seine-Eure marathon, my second official marathon run of the year (and my third marathon).

1h37'27", that's 4 minutes better than my best time as of now (this year's Paris half, back in March). So, it seems that now, I can safely target 3h35-3h40 for October 17th (3h30? A bit far, still...). We'll see... Anyway, it seems that my crazy summer (730km ran between June 1st and Sept 10th) is giving results. Not Dirk's "run less, run faster"....but it seems that it's working for me..:-)

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Release team...

(update: yesterday's version was using http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/ReleaseTeam as reference, while http://www.debian.org/intro/organization is the one that's up-to-date.

Those watching the current traffic in debian-release can probably realize the huge *thank you* deserved by the entire release team for the work they're doing.

So, how about spamming the release team members with (private!) "thank you" messages when they unblock a package of yours?

And (even more difficult) also one when they don't unblock your package...but spent time reviewing it and more time to explain you why they prefer not unblocking it...

In any case, thank you, Neil|Maulkin, Adam|adsb, Dann|dannf, Felipe|faw, Jurij|trave11er, Luk|luk, Mehdi|mehdi, Pierre|MadCoder, Julien|jcristau (doh, French Cabal!)...and Martin|zobel (who's apparently forgotten on the page).

Not to forget Adam|adsb and Phil|phil for managing stable releases....and the Wise Release Wizards (vorlon, aba, luk, HE).

Hat off, guys (only guys there, yet another place for d-w to show up).

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