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10 10 2010

Sun, 10 Oct 2010

GPG key transition

It's now time for me to move and use the new 4096 RSA GPG key which I created back in May 2009 and got signed during two DebConfs.

It is now well connected and Debian keyring maintainers have included it in the Debian keyring in place of my good old C0143D2D (which was very very well connected...).

Here's my transition document (shamelessly inspired from Zack's excellent text, itself inspired from Russ' excellent text). If you have signed my old key, you should have a fairly straightforward trust path to my new key. If that is compatible with your signing policy, please sign my new key.

And, yes, doing this on 10/10/10 seemed to be a good idea...

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First upload with new GPG key

Debian keyring maintainers did a batch of key updates in Debian keyring this week-end.

As a consequence, I just uploaded samba 3.5.6 (which got release managers' approval for a freeze exceptions: thanks, guys) signed by this new key.

It's now time to do a proper key transition (first step: learn how to do this appropriately by looking at others practices).

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No bug #600000 on 10/10/10

We will not make it and have Debian bug #600000 reported on 10/10/10. Debian is really not able to do anything on time..:-) (are others?)

Whatever the moment this bug is reported (in 2-3 days, I would say), René Mayorga is the winner of the Debian bug #600000 contest. Of course, I'll send a nice blog post so that it makes it into Debian News.

And then, we'll open the bets for Debian bug #700000!

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