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12 10 2010

Tue, 12 Oct 2010

Bug #600000 has been reported

Here it is.

Debian had six hundred thousand bugs reported.

Cyril "KiBi" Brulebois is the winner in the "race of bug #600000" by reporting "db4.5: FTBFS on mips: configure: error: No off_t type." against the "db4.5" package.

Such "honor" is very well deserved. Cyril is a tireless buildd admin and reports dozens of ports build failures, which is a significant part of the work involved in a release. Kudos.

Once again, the French gang becomes visible in this as "we" had #200000 (by Michel Grentzinger) and #400000 (by /me). Bravo, Cyril.

Rene Mayorga is the winner of the "bug #600000 contest" bet. He planned it to be reported on October 10th 2010 and only missed it by 2 days. Please note that Rene already won the "bug #500000 contest" (by missing the date by 1 day....

Congratulations again, Rene.

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