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21 12 2010

Tue, 21 Dec 2010

German and French localization reach 100% for po-debconf

As of tonight, all translatable debconf templates for packages in squeeze are translated in German and French, after udev entered testing.

Both teams are very happy to join the Russian team who was the very first to reach that goal on November 5th. Unfortunately, for our Russian friends, debian-edu-config is currently missing for them now. We of course hope for Debian Edu developers to correct this before squeeze.

The Swedish team should join the 100% gang as soon as recently uploaded console-setup reaches testing.

The Portuguese team is now only missing two complete packages to reach that 100%: sympa and (again) udev. udev is likely to be updated but, unfortunately, this is much less sure for sympa.

The Czech team is only missing bugzilla. Again, unfortunately, that package needs an upload to testing-proposed-updates (that should fix and RC bug) and I am technically unable to do it (and the maintainer is apparently not motivated for doing it, arguing that a more recent upstream version should go in instead, which is unacceptable for the release team).

The Spanish team made a great effort, but I'm not sure that the 16 packages they're missing will make it. Next time, folks!

Full list for the "7 languages trying to reach 100%" at http://i18n.debian.net/debian-l10n/l10n-testing.txt

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