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21 04 2011

Thu, 21 Apr 2011

New language in Debian Installer: Uyghur

I just activated a new language in Debian Installer: Uyghur.

Uyghur is the language of Xinjiang or Eastern Turkmenistan. This part of the People's Republic of China is the homeland of the Uyghur people and the language is spoken by nearly 9 million people.

The translation effort is driven by the Uyghur Computer Science Association (Uyghur Kompyutér Ilimi Jem'iyiti.

The next D-I daily builds will offer Uyghur as a choice of language to install Debian. Given the way D-I packages are built, it will however take some time before the entire installation process can be performed by only displaying Uyghur and no more English. Indeed, the new language will appear for each D-I component when the relevant udeb package is built from GIT, which happens most of the time when a D-I developers wants a new feature or bug fix to be available.

During the upcoming days, I'll try to rebuild a few packages, though, so that Uyghur users can still have a preview of what will be available when the first alpha or beta release of D-I is out. Moreover, that will help testing the translation and the possible glitches with rendering, fonts or any other display issue.

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