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26 12 2011

Mon, 26 Dec 2011

Wheezy active NMU campaign starting...

2012 will be the year where we release wheezy. So, it's time to start fighting for one of my pet projects: bringing as many languages to 100% completeness for debconf templates translation.

The reference for this is the ranking page.

I think we can have up to seven languages fully complete and maybe even some above 90% (Danish, Dutch, Italian with currently very active translators, are the best candidates).

For this, as usual, I'll have to shake down many maintainers and handle my big NMU stick, with NMU proposals for packages that are too high in this page (which I'll start cleaning out from its many artefacts).

So, if you're a translator, it's time to hang on in the debian-i18n mailing list and follow calls for translation updates there. It's also time to remind me which packages you would like to see uploaded so that your translation work is really used. Please focus on the oldest pending translations.

If you're a package maintainer, please look at the following pages:

(my NMU stick is bigger and harder for the latter of course...:-))

And, if you're a maintainer, it's now time to please stop changing the bloody debconf templates for no reason....or, if you have to do that for a good reason, send a call for translations first, or at least ask about how to do this. I can help you doing that, of course.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

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