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14 01 2012

Sat, 14 Jan 2012

Aptitude revival

Maybe many people have missed this:

Aptitude package manager is undergoing a revival. Two fellows, Daniel Hartwig and Manuel A. Fernandez Montecelo, started triaging bugs and preparing a possible new version.

Daniel Burrows, who maintained it for years (and did a really good job in this, given the high exposure of aptitude, which happened to be the recommended package managers during a few years), has currently less free time for doing the work.

So, this is really great to see people motivated in taking the job over.

In case you want to help, please joing the "aptitude-devel" mailing list on lists.alioth.debian.org. There is an Alioth project but Daniel is currently the only administrator. I might ask for admin privileges so that I can validate new team members.

Of course, I personnally can't do much in this (C++ programming, coding, ah ah ah...things that are black magic for me), except my usual help for i18n/l10n. But, at minimum, I can make noise about this effort to encourage the volunteers who commit themselves to revive the project.

And, I can certainly help by sponsoring their work (none of them is DD as of now) even if I am not skilled enough to review everything. I don't want to see good work wasted because people insist on nitpicking each and every commit line before "approving" it (any idea what I'm talking about, here? :-)).

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2012 update 4 for Debian Installer localization

Status for D-I level 1 (core D-I files):

Status for D-I level 2 (packages that have localized material that may appear during default installs, such as iso-codes, tasksel, etc.):

Status for D-I level 3 (packages that have localized material that may appear during non-default installs, such as win32-loader)

Full 100% completeness (hall of fame) for: Czech, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Kazakh, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak

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