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09 06 2012

Sat, 09 Jun 2012

[Running] Caen "Courants de la Liberté" marathon

I'm about to leave today for St-Aubin sur Mer close to the start line of the Courants de la Liberté marathon. This race, meant to celebrate the June 6th 1944 D-Day, arrives at Caen, close to the WW2 memorial.

We'll spend a night in a hotel in St-Aubin and as of tomorrow 9h French time, I'll be on my way to try breaking my best time (3h4029"). Training has been as expected: no injury, all 32 trainings completed, with many many interval training (and some of them really though!).

So, I'm going there with great confidence. The only minor problem are weather conditions as the forcast announces some rain and 20-30km/h wind, from South (which we should be facing from km 20 to 25 and in the last kilometers).

I'll have my Runtastic and Endomondo Android apps running, so, in case looking at a blue spot on a French map for over 3 hours sounds interesting, you can go there or there (and send cheers, etc...but I'll switch off my phone's loudspeaker to avoid looking silly during the race!).

See you tomorrow for the outcome!

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9 languages to be deactivated in Debian Installer

Re-publishing this today, as a number was wrong in previous post. Thanks also to Kumar Appaiah who, even though he's not a Tamil native speaker (he's the Hindi translator) fixed the few strings in Tamil that theoretically made it unsuitable for being in wheezy's installer.

At this very moment, it means that I would deactivate 9 languages:

Update: Kumard Appaih *is* a Tamil native speaker. Sorry for the misunderstanding!

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