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06 07 2012

Fri, 06 Jul 2012

DebConf running: take 4 (Masaya volcano)

Yet another Grand Plan today: run in Masaya Volcan National Park.

Masaya Volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in Nicaragua. It is located only 20km south-east of Managua, so going there is as easy as renting a taxi.

The original plan was to drive to the entrance of the National park (on the road to Masaya city), then run up to the volcan, so from 250m altitude up to about 600m.

I therefore rented a taxi with the kind help of Norman, and we agreed to meet up at 08:30 at the hotel, along with Noèl and Daniel (who was planning to walk up, not running).

After discussing here or there, Kurt and Gaudenz joined, both with the intent of running up. Others would also have liked to join, but I wasn't in the mood of organizing a full bus of Debconfers..:-). My plan was to enjoy pyself the hike...not to manage several taxis, etc.

We thus packed in Denis blue taxi...a fancy and very visible customized blue car that looked like it had been the topic of on episode of the "Pimp My Ride" TV show..:-)

Sitting 4 people at the back of a regular car without hitting some blue neon lights, or 7" TV screens is kinda tricky, but we made it.

When arriving at the park's entrance, we however learned that it is forbidden to walk or hike up the road by foot, because of potential high concentrations of Carbon Dioxide. Sadly, we then had to pack again in the car and go up with it.

After reaching the parking close to the volcano's active crater (that is said to have a small lava lake at its bottom, one of the very few in the world), we decided to head up for going round the Nindira crater, an inactive crater located slightly above. Unfortunately, again, the path around the Masaya crater is forbidden to walk on, because of landslides.

We indeed still had great fun by running around this crater (which is about a 2.5 kilometers round trip, very very hilly and sometimes hard to run on such as a mountain path.

After about 50 minutes and two laps (after all, we had a giant stadium!), we headed back to the parking, packed 5 sweating geeks in the car and went back to the hotel.

Full GPS trace is here. I also put a few pictures on Facebook, supposedly visible by anybody : Masaya crater and Nindiri crater.

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Debcamp work

It's still good to be at Debcamp before DebConf and I'm not running all day long, contrary to what you might think by reading my posts.

Of course, I'm always busy with "social-like" activities such as doing my best for us to have a good Cheese and Wine Party as, now that I'm trapped into it, people expect it to be better and better each year. Or to revive the traditional Assassins game.

But Debian is not only about killing cheese with socks and I try to also achieve a few things while being here.

As of now, I can already count a few things:

The only thing I nearly haven't worked on yet is....the talk I have on Sunday and that is supposed to explain newcomers how to join the crowd of localization fanatics.

Oh, and I'm still jetlagged and go to bed daily at 10pm...:-)

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