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17 08 2013

Sat, 17 Aug 2013

More French pages than English pages on Debian web site

As of today, thanks to the tremendous work of the French localization team in Debian, there are more web pages in French than there are in English, on Debian web site.

How can this happen?

Indeed, the Debian web site is not always made of pages primarily written in English. There are some French, Spanish, Chinese pages. These are not translated into English because.....there is no translation team for English (the debian-l10n-english mailing list more acts as a review board).

So, given that French translators nearly translated ALL English web pages and because there are quite a few French pages, we currently have 5802 web pages in French, while there are only 5801 in English.

The French Cabal definitely reached its goal: we have the DPL, we have the web site. Toutes vos possessions nous appartiennent désormais.

I'm now preparing a GR in order to turn French into the official communication language in Debian.

PS: merci à Thomas Vincent qui a largement contribué à ce succès ces derniers jours !

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Bug #720000

Laurent Bigonville reported Debian bug #720000 on Saturday August 17th 2013, against the drizzle package. This bug is already marked pending by Tobias Frost, the package maintainer.

Bug #710000 was reported as of May 27th: 2 months and 21 days for 10,000 bugs. For once, this is a rate acceleration which we can probably explain by the release of wheezy and the work strongly resumed by many maintainers for the release of jessie.

It is indeed interesting to see that this 720000th bug report happened nearly on Debian's 20th birthday. To make it short, we could then say that Debian had 36,000 bug reports every year in average (which is not exactly true as the BTS records start in 1996).

Funnily also, this is the first time since I'm doing this recurrent post every 10,000 bugs that one happens *during* a DebConf, a few hours before DebConf 13 officially ends up.

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