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18 07 2014

Fri, 18 Jul 2014

OpenAmbit now in Debian (for owners of Suunto Ambit sport watches)

I recently bought a Suunto Ambit 2 sport watch for my running activities, replacing my good old Garmin ForeRunner 405 whose battery life wasn't longer in sync with the length of some of my runs...

Ambit 2 watches have up to 50 hours autonomy, which is great for long races, as well as a barometric altitude recording, which is way more precise that GPS-based altitude recording. Both these are keys for mountain running, indeed...

Sadly, Suunto only provides software for Windows and the software is mandatory to use in order to sync the watch logs and settings with Movescount.com, the Suunto web site. Even more: any change to the watch settings has to be done through Movescount, which means that without software, you can't really use the watch....:-(

Thankfully, a few people have worked on an "OpenAmbit" project (www.openambit.org) that's aimed at dealing with this and provide Linux users with a way to sync their watches without requiring a Windows computer.

And, as you may imagine, I wanted to package it for Debian. Indeed, some packaging work had already been done for Ubuntu, in a PPA, by Dominik Stadler at https://launchpad.net/~dominik-stadler/+archive/dsta-trusty-ppa. Still, I wanted this to go the preferred way of the official archive for the software to get more visibility.

Finally, after a few failures (doh, how picky are our FTPmasters about licenses.....which is a Good Thing!), OpenAmbit landed in unstable one week ago. This is as of now the 0.2 version, that doesn't work with the most recent versions of Suunto firmwares. However, a 0.2+20140606 version is on its way and....it works with my watch..:-)

So, Yet Another Success for the pkg-running-devel packaging team in Debian, once again proving that Debian developers are also deeply interested in physical activities..:-)

And, also, this is a proof that I'm not yet only running and no longer working for Debian....

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