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26 08 2014

Tue, 26 Aug 2014

[life] Follow bubulle running adventures....

Just in case some of my free software friends would care and try understanding why I'm currently not attending my first DebConf since 2004...

Starting tomorrow 07:00am EST (so, 22:00 PST for Debconfers), I'll be running the "TDS" race of the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc races.

Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB) is one of the world famous long distance moutain trail races. It takes places in Chamonix, just below the Mont-Blanc, France's and Europe's highest moutain. The race is indeed simple : "go around the Mont-Blanc in a big circle, 160km long, with 10,000 meters positive climb cumulated on the climb of about 10 high passes between 2000 and 2700 meters altitude".

"My" race is a shortened version of UTMB that does half of the full loop, from Courmayeur in Italy (just "the other side" of Mont-Blanc, from Chamonix) and goes back to Chamonix. It is "only" 120 kilometers long with 7200 meters of positive climb. Some of these are however know as more difficult than UTMB itself.

Many firsts for me in this race : first "over 100km", first "over 24 hours running". Still, I trained hard for this, achieved a very though race in early July (60km, 5000m climb) with a very good result, and I expect to make it well.

Top runners complete this in 17 hours.....last arrivals are expected after 33 hours "running" (often fast walking, indeed). I plan to achieve the race in 28 hours but, indeed, I have no idea..:-)

So, in case you're boring in a night hacklab, or just want to draw your attention out of IRC, or don't have any package to polish...or just want to have a thought for an old friend, you can try to use the following link and follow all this live : http://utmb.livetrail.net/coureur.php?rech=6384&lang=en

Race start : 7am EST, Wednesday Aug 27th. bubulle arrival: Thursday Aug. 28th, between 10am and 4pm (best projection is 11am).

And there will be cheese at pit stops....

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